Community Art Work Project By University of Lagos ( ECE ) Students

Community Art Work Project By University of Lagos ( ECE ) Students

In order to facilitate proper learning in Early Childhood Education, and as it is believed that children learn faster with colours and images. Art Appreciation course was introduced to the curriculum of Early Childhood Education cohort in the Department of Arts and Social Sciences Education, Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos. These will not only enhance the expressive skills of the future educators but will also facilitate seamless  information dissemination through artistic means as visual aids.

These led to the creation of community based projects that could be used to engage children creatively even without detailed knowledge of art.
These art works were produced on  March 22, 2011 as part of the requirement for the course Art Appreciation for non-art students in the Faculty of Education. The projects  as said earlier were produced with the intention of teaching the future early childhood educators basic artistic skill to aid their teaching skills. Majority of these students had no art background and could barely combine colours aesthetically. 

The workshop by Jimoh, Ganiyu A ( Mr. Jimga ) was carried out withing three weeks of intensive practical and theoretical training on the basic elements and principles of design, colour theory and symbolism, signs and symbols. At the end of the training the students were divided into three groups of 40 members each. The groups were given freedom to brain storm on the concept of the design for the group projects. Eventually, they came up with three different creatively inspiring artworks.

The workshop
one of the students ( Elizabeth), painting her  palm for palm printing group

students printing their palms on the canvas

one of the palm printing group members showing off her colours

creating the design ( mind eye )
the collage group

illustration group

putting the pieces together

the collage group

The Finished Works

Mind Eye, (palm Printing) by Group A

Play time, By Group B

Festival By Group C


The HOD. Prof A. Osanyin

cross section of the students

some of the works produced

The Faculty, Arts and Social Sciences Education

The Lecturer in Charge, Jimoh Ganiyu A (Mr. Jimga )

The workshop could be likened to an experimental class on the artistic expressive prowess of the non-artists. Though it was based on imparting artistic skills on the teachers of early childhood, it turned out to be a research on the inherent artistic abilities of the students under study. Most of the artworks produced have a lot of similarities with the works that could be tagged 'child art' though they were not produced by the children. Closer observation shows that though the works were not professionally executed in artistic term, but were creatively conceptualized. The themes are very creative and unassuming.
The video of the project can be viewed here thanks for your time

Jimoh, Ganiyu A ( Mr. Jimga )
Department of Creative Arts
University of Lagos


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